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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


   Our continuous challenging innovative school engagements at all aspects aim at preparing global citizens.



  1. Engaging the students in real life situations by developing a project-based learning approach (PBL).
  1. Preparing highly compatible students able to face the challenges of the modern life and able to compete at the

    international scale.

  1. Maintaining excellent educational environment, conducive to the development of creativity and critical

 thinking skills.

  1. Inculcating in the students the noble sense of fairness, tolerance, and citizenship according to Islamic tradition

    and world moral values.

  1. Maintain cohesive learning paradigm based on real life-world applications.
  1. Provide a school environment that supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of the school community.


High Quality Learning

      At Al Kamal American International School Al-Azra, high quality learning enables the learners to acquire knowledge and skills to do deep research and discover, rather than just receive information, so that they can develop socially, emotionally and academically as global citizens. The students are encouraged to become owners of their learning and develop knowledge and tools to use strategies they have learned in the classroom to transfer their learning to other subjects and real-life situations.


1-تعزيز التعليم عن طريق المشاريع و البحوث

2-إعداد طلاب ذوي كفاءات عالية و مؤهلين لتحديات العصر الحديث.وقادرين علي التنافسعلي المستوي الدولي .                                    

3-تحقيق بيئة دراسية تعليمية مناسبة لتحفيز مهارات و إبداعات تعليمية

4-غرس روح العدالة  بالقيم و المثل  التي تنشئ مواطنا صالحا ضمن منظومة اخلاقية يعززها منهاج المدرسة.

5-توفير برنامج تعليمي متكامل مرتبط بالتطبيقات الحياتية .


School Values:

  • Citizenship and Responsibility - المسؤولية و المواطنة   
  • Principle & Values of Islam - مبادئ الدين الاسلامي
  • Participation and Accountability - المشاركة و الإنتماء
  • Commitment and Transparency - الإلتزام و الشفافيه
  • Equality and Equity - العدل و المعادلة
  • Tolerance and Human Rights - التعايش السلمي و حقوق الانسان
  • Honesty and Integrity - النزاهه والصدق
  • Resilience - المرونة والتكيف


School Objectives:

    Al Kamal American International School is a K-12 school institution of learning which strives for the complete formation of the children readiness to meet the challenges of career, work and life.

  • In an Islamic community, the school shall inculcate the values of humanity in all aspects of the students and staff school lives with greater emphasis on moral responsibilities, protection of life and education.
  • As a school in Sharjah UAE, the school shall ensure greater understanding of the Emirates identity and the role of the Emirates in the pursuit for cultural and global competitiveness.

    As an International School, the school shall continuously develop a challenging and competitive curriculum that meets the demands and challenges of the 21st Century with greater focus on the development of the skills and themes for success in career, work and life.