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CEO Message

CEO Message

Student success comes from student engagement. One of the most powerful dynamics for full student engagement in recent education trends is the integration of the arts into the curriculum. The education world is abuzz with news of arts programs being added to many schools" curricula. The understanding that an addition of the arts has a positive outcome on all subjects is surely a welcome development.

At the Al Kamal American International School, however, the arts were not simply "worked in." Our academy was built from the ground up on the conviction that the considered and expert integration of the creative and performing arts into every aspect of our school"s ethos and operations would create a learning environment where students would master academic subjects while working collaboratively, thinking critically, and responding creatively.

Al Kamal American International School was started, and the founders embraced this approach based on the shared belief that a single, one-size-fits-all approach to learning and teaching is self-defeating. We are committed to providing all students with the skills and experiences necessary for them to develop and begin realizing their personal goals and scholastic objectives, as well as to become contributing members of our communities.

I thank you for trusting us with the education of your child. Please know that our everyday goal is the same as our long-term one: to assure that your student enjoys an enriching and creative education that still provides him or her with necessary real-world skills. If you want to know more about what we"re doing to change education in our area, I welcome your questions and look forward to sharing our vision for your children and our mission for our region.

Mohammed Bin Kamil

Chief Executive Officer